Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduled tours are individually priced and detailed on the relevant Tours page.

Spaces on public (scheduled) tours are priced person and you will find the price detailed against each tours description on the relevant page under the ‘Tours’ menu above.  Privately booked tours are priced depending on your needs and a quote can be provided by contacting us to discuss your needs.

We use 3rd party booking software (Booking Hound), and a separate payment platform (Stripe) to provide our online booking service.

To make a booking, please click the ‘Book Now’ link on the relevant tour’s page, then follow the clear instructions by providing the information requested in each box.

We don’t charge any booking fees and the amount shown in your order confirmation is all that will be requested from your bank by our payment system.  Your credit/debit card details remain secure throughout the booking process, and are not accessible by us at any time.  Debits on your card statement will appear with the description “CGT-GHOST TOURS”.

All bookings are charged in British Pounds, so if you pay from a non-sterling bank account, you may be subjected to foreign currency charges by your bank.

Always review your booking information in full before confirming payment, to ensure you are booking for the correct tour and date.

This is not recommended as scheduled tours often sell out to their capacity.

We do not offer to reserve spaces to be paid for in cash as this has exposed us to fraud in the past, so spaces on tours are only reservable in advance by booking online and making full payment by credit/debit card.

Nonetheless, any unsold space for a tour will be available for purchase in cash, from the guide, in person, on a first-come-first-served basis.  The guide will normally be available for this at the tour meeting point, from 15 minutes before the advertised start time.  Guides will only sell any remaining space up to our maximum capacity, after which, anyone else will not be accommodated. This happens regularly so we highly recommend you book in advance to avoid disappointment and/or a wasted journey.

If a the tour has sold out, and you arrive at the meeting point hoping to pay cash, then we will not be able to accommodate you.  We adhere strictly to the advertised capacities for our tours and will not sell extra space beyond this as it negatively impacts everyone’s experience of our tours, including local residents.  We always advertise if/when a tour sells out, on the home page of our website and via our social media channels.

We really want you to come and enjoy the tour you booked with us, but we understand that things don’t always work out.

If you need to cancel your tour with us for genuinely unforeseen circumstances, we will be happy to transfer your booking to an alternative tour/date, or refund 50% of your payment as long as you cancel/complete your transfer more than 5 days before the tour starts.

We do not offer refunds if you cancel within 5 days before the tour is due to take place but you may be eligible to transfer your booking to another date. All transfers are subject to payment of a £2.50 per ticket fee to cover our administrative costs. Please contact us immediately if you need to cancel space on a tour you have already booked.

Tour capacities are clearly displayed alongside each tours description on the relevant Tours page.

For all of our public tours our capacity is an absolute maximum of 25 participants per tour to minimise the impact we have on the privacy of the residents in some of the areas we visit.

If you have a larger group, we can offer privately booked, multiple tours at the same time (or at staggered intervals) each with their own guide, based on the above maximum numbers of participants in each group, and depending on guide availability.

The minimum number of participants on any tour is 2.

Our scheduled tours generally run in the evenings so you get the full spooky effect of the dusk or darkness.

Start times vary according to the season and how busy we are. However, if you are booking a private tour, you can book this at a time to suit you, pending our availability.

The tour duration is shown next to the respective tour description on each of the Tours pages.

Our tour in Prestbury lasts about 1 hour 15 minutes, and the tour in Cheltenham lasts 2 hours.  These times can be longer or shorter depending on the size of the group and if there are questions participants wish to ask at any point.

As the capacity of our tours is strictly limited, we are unfortunately not currently able to offer any regular discounts or concessionary rates.

However, you may occasionally find that we run a special offer, which will either be detailed when you make the booking through our Tours pages, or you may find a discount code to use when you make your booking, in online editorials or some magazines where we occasionally advertise, or on our social media channels.

Yes!… on our public tours we can accept group bookings for a maximum of 6 participants per booking – this is because public tours are designed for individual participants and small groups. We do not offer discounts for groups on public tours but if your group is larger than 6 we would ask that you please get in touch with us before making your booking.  We may still be able to accommodate you on a public tour but you may find that one of our private tours might work better for you – contact us now for a quote!

Please note that alcohol may not be consumed during any of our tours, and anyone exhibiting inappropriate, disruptive or unruly behaviour, may be asked to leave the tour, and the tour may be halted as a result.

Our advertised tour schedule covers a period 2 to 6 months in advance, (and occasionally more).

We do not have a standard tour schedule (e.g. every Thursday, or every second Saturday of the month).  Instead, we run scheduled tours on dates when we anticipate demand.  So there are always multiple tours advertised around Halloween, and Easter.  However, at other times of the year, tours usually just run once or twice per month on selected dates.

If a tour is not running on the date you require, please contact us to request a competitive quote for a private tour.

Our tours take place come rain, snow, or otherwise.

If there’s a major problem and a tour has to be cancelled: as soon as we know about this we will contact everyone who has booked in advance (as long as you’ve provided an email address and/or contact phone number).  This happens extremely rarely as we really don’t like to cancel tours at all, but on these unusual occasions, we will offer a full refund or a chance to book for a different date.

We will always try to advertise details of this on our home page & social media channels as soon as a tour is either sold out or cancelled.

It is very rare that we would cancel a tour, regardless of how many spaces have been pre-booked.  However, if you have booked a tour which is subsequently cancelled, we will contact you directly as soon as we become aware of the cancellation (very rare), using the contact details you provided when you made the booking.

To see how many spaces remain on any tour, click ‘Book Now’ under any tour and go through the booking process selecting the date you require; when you click ‘Next’ after this, you will be shown how many spaces remain on that tour (e.g. 10/25 = 10 spaces remaining).

Yes!… children over the age of 12 are permitted on all of our tours but some tours have content we feel is not suitable for children under this age.

The material we incorporate into our tours has been carefully considered, and age limits recommended as we believe best (these are detailed against each tour).  These limits are with respect to various practical considerations and could be due to adult content such as discussion of adult themes, or it could be material which we believe some children may struggle to comprehend, or find especially frightening.  Also, while most children seem to enjoy our tours, we occasionally find that some younger participants struggle to stay focussed on the content, and so our age guideline also acts to reduce potential distractions for all participants.

Nonetheless our age recommendation is just a guideline rather than a restriction and bearing the above in mind, children under 12 are welcome to join our tours within the following guidelines:

  • All tour participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult;
  • Our tours are not appropriate for toddlers or babies – anyone arriving on a tour with a baby or toddler, may be asked to leave.

We offer a tour in Prestbury which is designed specifically for under-16s.  This tour is currently only available for privately booked groups.

No! We don’t use any gimmicks on any of our tours.

Anyone jumping out at you is simply an amused local trying to stir up a reaction!  Pay them no attention!!

We do not set out to scare you on our tours.

We offer an evening of story-telling, sharing tales of the paranormal and supernatural. Some people find these tales amusing, others find them fascinating, and others don’t believe there’s any truth in them!  Still others find them absolutely petrifying and leave without being able to sleep that night! How you react depends on your own temperament and is not something we can predict… but most of our tour participants in the past have simply found our tours to be interesting, informative and enjoyable rather than scary!

The tours in Prestbury and Cheltenham are both fully accessible with the exception of a couple of curbs to be navigated!…

Though please be aware that some pavements are rather uneven. If you are a wheelchair or mobility scooter user, or if you are accompanying a wheelchair user, please let us know before you make your booking by dropping us an email ().  This is simply so that we can advise you as appropriate.

We operate walking tours, which involve stopping at specific locations to listen to stories relevant to that location.

If you are not able to walk unaided for at least 200 metres, or not able to stand for more than 5-10 minutes in one place, then our tours may not be for you (with the exception of wheelchair or mobility scooter users). However, we are open to discussion on how we can make our tours accessible for you so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any concerns you have or to discuss your needs.

Depending on the time of year and time of day of your tour…

we generally recommend sensible, comfortable footwear and warm clothing (unless the tour takes place during a particularly warm season!).

Currently we are only able to provide tours in English, though with plenty of notice we are able to offer Spanish, French, or German speaking guides to privately booked groups.

Unfortunately this is not an option for our scheduled tours which are delivered in English for an English speaking audience.  Any disturbances during the tour, such as translation, ruins the atmosphere of the tour for all participants so we would please ask that you do not provide any translation while the guide is delivering the tour.  If you book a private tour, this is entirely at your discretion.

Dogs are more than welcome to come on our tours!

However, our tour in Prestbury includes one location which is notorious for upsetting animals for reasons which are not clear to us but may be explained by some of the stories on our tour.  If you bring your dog, please discuss this with the guide at the start of the tour so you are prepared – if your dog becomes disturbed at any point in the tour and you wish to leave to rejoin the tour at a later point that’s not a problem but we prefer you to be ready for this so that you don’t interrupt the tour and disturb other tour participants while the guide is in the middle of one of our stories!

NO!  Absolutely not!  We do not currently sell space on our tours through any outlets other than our own website or directly from the guide for each tour!

This may change though, but we will advertise here first if it does!  If you are concerned about tickets you have bought through a source other than our website, please contact us to check, using our contact page.

We’re always working on tours in new locations, so we can add to our repertoire.

We’re happy to take requests as long as the tour you want is in our region. However, as we research our ghost walks so thoroughly, it can take at least 6 months to put a tour together from scratch… but we always like the challenge so if you have a private group for whom you’d like us to provide a ghost tour, just let us know via our contact page.

We are always really excited to hear your stories as long as they are genuine.

However, please remember that everyone who participates in the tour has paid for the services of the guide and has given up their time to enjoy the tour, and hear the guides stories. You are welcome to share your experiences on the tour, but please leave this, along with your questions, until the end of the tour when the guide will offer a chance for participants to share stories, and to ask questions at a time when other participants can choose to stay or leave as they wish, having heard the whole tour.

If you have a story you’d like to share with us now, we’d love to hear it!… Just use our contact page.

Unfortunately our copies of ‘Strange Tales of a Cotswold Town’ by Denys S Sissons, are only available to buy in person

However, you can buy copies easily online via Amazon or other reputable book retail sites (including the publisher – United Writers Publications Ltd). The book is also available in Kindle format.

Other books we mention on our tour in Cheltenham include: “Jack the Ripper: British Intelligence Agent” by Tom Slemen; “The Great British Torso Mystery” by Richard Whittington-Egan; and “The Cheltenham Ghost” by B. Abdy Collins.  These books are mostly out of print, but 2nd-hand copies are often available through various online sources.

We don’t include any material in our tours we’ve fabricated ourselves.

The stories we incorporate into our tours are researched to the best of our ability and as far as our sources are concerned, they’re as true as they tell us they are… but we’re only as good as our sources! The best we can do is quote our sources and whether or not you believe them is your prerogative. Our tours are designed as storytelling events as much as they are food for thought… whether our guides believe or disbelieve what they share with you is irrelevant and they will only share this with you if they choose to do so. We’re here to provide a tour to entertain and provoke discussion through what our guides share with you. If you choose not to believe our tales of the paranormal we absolutely respect that, but please remember there may be tour participants who believe our stories wholeheartedly and more… we would ask that you respect them also.

We have had tour participants in the past who are psychic, spiritualists, or just spiritually sensitive…

We would love to hear your stories and learn about your experiences, but as with any other questions and stories which tour participants would like to share, we would kindly ask that you please keep this to share at the end of the tour once the guide opens up the opportunity for this. While we completely respect you, and your abilities and talents, we would ask that you respect our clients and your fellow tour participants, by allowing them to enjoy the tour without interruption. We also recommend that after you have confirmed your booking on the tour, you may wish to contact us in advance to arrange to walk the route of the tour with our guide before the tour starts so that you are potentially ready for any experiences you may have at particular points along the route.