Cotswolds Ghost Tours are delivered by a group of professional tour guides who provide gimmick-free, historically motivated tours, with gripping tales of paranormal events from across the Cotswolds.

Somewhat different to the average ghost tour designed to make you scream, Cotswolds Ghost Tours take the concept of ghost tours back-to-basics by providing ‘story-telling events’ based on the incredible paranormal history of this beautiful region.  There’s nobody jumping out around corners and our tales are not designed to make you fear going to bed at night!  Instead, our tours are a series of carefully selected and well-researched tales, presented in context by expert story tellers, representing a fascinating journey through the creepy history of the region, highlighting the fantasy elements of ghost stories, as well as considering some of the realities behind them, and encouraging us to think about what it is we really believe about the paranormal.

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Each Cotswolds Ghost tour is full of tales passed to us by people from across the region, all of which have subsequently been intensively researched to provide a historical context.  Our guides are fully trained to provide a fascinating tour, focussing on traditional story-telling techniques.  A tour with us will bring to life the mesmerising, but creepy myths and fables from this unique, picturesque landscape – beautifully stunning by day, but mysterious and eerie by night!


Cotswolds Ghost Tours to discontinue from late November 2019.

Since 2015, our team of qualified Blue Badge Tourist Guides have operated a series of gimmick-free, historically biased ghost tours in Prestbury and Cheltenham, highlighting the paranormal heritage of the region using traditional storytelling techniques. Many of our clients have commented on the warm welcome they have received from locals, and given some great reviews on TripAdvisor. We’ve truly enjoyed promoting such a fantastic community and have especially loved working in such a beautiful and historically rich village as Prestbury, and with the gripping stories of the paranormal & unsolved crime from Cheltenham’s often forgotten past. However, more recently, there has been some concern from the local parish church in Prestbury about the proximity of our tours to the church building,  as well as the nature of our tours, and how we promote what we offer. Along with this, the business has new areas of activity that have proved more popular, so the difficult decision has been taken to cease running ghost tours from November 30th and to close down this arm of the business.

All tours with existing bookings will operate and all existing bookings will be honoured as well as anyone who books any remaining space on all the tours advertised, but the final 2 tours will now be in Prestbury as part of a village-centred event exclusively for residents on the afternoon of Saturday 30th November; while our last tour in Cheltenham will be on 2nd November.  We do hope many will be able to join us on one of our remaining tours as we share the incredible oral history of these great locations, before making way for other potential operators to plug the gap we’re leaving in the local visitor economy.

Everyone at Cotswolds Ghost Tours would like to extend our thanks for all the support, patience and kindness over the last four years, offered by the businesses and residents who’ve often connected with us so positively in Prestbury and Cheltenham.

  • Prestbury Ghost Tour: Historical Haunted Trail

    Prestbury claims to be the most haunted village in England, with over 24 resident ghosts!  We share tales of regular paranormal sightings, including: the most often seen “Black Abbott”; the “Charging Cavalier”; Fred Archer, and many others.  Our intriguing tour is set to the backdrop of this beautiful Cotswold village & it’s intense history.

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  • CHELTENHAM GHOST TOUR: Creeps, Crimes & Curious Tales

    This creepy tour uncovers the darker side of England’s great Regency town revealing the spooky secrets lurking behind the characteristic facades of Cheltenham.  We share the stories of: a gruesome 1930s murder; a spectral widow who may have been the first ‘Woman in Black’; apparitions of a murderous butler; a spectral hotel maid, and much more!

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Numbers on tours are strictly limited to provide the best experience for participants and also because we have a strong ‘non-invasive’ ethic. Our tours pass through residential areas so we encourage sensitivity by ensuring that we stay outside a reasonable proximity from people’s homes, and maintaining minimal noise levels. Learn more about the way we conduct our tours and read some of our frequently asked questions.

  • We’ve been all over the world but we have never had a guide like Lindsey. She brought history to life, she inspired our kids, she made us laugh, she made us think, she made us see things in a different way. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    Kim Woods
    London, Ontario
  • Mike was really friendly and welcoming and I loved that we could pay online.  The tour was well organised and the local stories & legends were great.  His passion for storytelling and detailed research shone through… we’ll definitely be going on the next ghost walk with Mike. Thank you!

    Sally W
    Bath, UK
  • Cheryl was great, really informative, told the stories really well and also had a laugh and a joke with us too!

    Gloucestershire, UK
  • Great way to spend an evening. We did the Prestbury walk in the summer and the Cheltenham one was equally enjoyable! Highly recommended.

    Cheltenham, UK
  • Took my friend from Australia and my son and his friend. It was a really enjoyable evening. Lindsey was a great guide combining storytelling, humour and conversational pauses to dramatic effect. Highly recommended!

    Helen B